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In partnership with Yorkshire Woodland Management we are able to provide the following services to the highest standards:

Clear Felling / Felling

The clearance of low quality woodland prior to replanting for example, or the removal of individual trees. If the location dictates, individual trees will be dismantled from the top down. This is the safest and most effective method for trees in close proximity to buildings or other such sensitive areas.

Soft and hardwood timber generated from felling can be turned into firewood for your own use, sold to our sister company TheLogCompany.com, or marketed to provide you with a return.


Selective thinning works are essential to achieve and maintain a high quality of woodland and also to maximise the sporting and wildlife value they hold.


The removal of overhanging limbs or creating light and space around larger trees via crown lifting and crown reduction techniques.


Creating and establishing new areas or restocking areas of woodland and shelterbelts. We will arrange for collection of all trees and sundries.

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