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Topping is essential to maintain grass at an optimum grazing height of 5-7 centimetres during the growing season. It removes the tall, tough grass, which livestock; especially horses tend to leave and prevents weeds from going to seed. This in turn, helps to encourage new fresh grass to spread and increases the sward density.

Our flail toppers mulch the grass before spreading which speeds up the breakdown of cuttings allowing new grass to come through faster. The solid rear roller leaves a smart, tidy and level finish.

Using powerful compact tractors we are able to access fields through narrow gateways and tidy up areas which are usually difficult to access. We operate a number of different flail toppers to meet the needs of each different situation.

Turf tyres, four wheel drive and skilled operators allow us to operate effectively and safely on steep slopes, through narrow gaps and over rough or twisty terrain, as well as along roadside verges or watercourse banks. Flexibility is the key!

Where you would like to collect the grass and other vegetation we offer a flail collector mower with high tip capability – Flail Collector & Scarifier.

Difficult to reach grass and vegetation can be cut using our remote control robot flail. This is particularly useful on steep banks, around watercourses and riding arenas.

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"What a brilliant job on my field yesterday. Thanks very much. "

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