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A healthy well maintained pasture should not need spraying each year; however weeds can begin to grow in even the healthiest of pastures.

This is not a problem and can be dealt with by using herbicide that is suitable for the eradication of the particular problem. This is performed when the weeds are actively growing. It is vital to control the growth of weeds as without management, they will take over your grassland. The main weeds encountered are thistles, docks, buttercups and nettles. Although not necessarily harmful to horses or other livestock they are unsightly and can diminish the quality of grass in the paddock.

Ragwort is very poisonous to horses. Sprays can kill the weed, but it is vital that the dead plant is removed completely before horses return to the pasture.

We are fully trained, qualified and insured to undertake these services.

We work in partnership with agronomists to ensure that you receive the best advice and from us the best service in terms of safe and efficient application of herbicides and eradication of weeds.

This allows us to offer a safe and cost effective spraying solution.

Important Safety Advice

Taking a DIY approach through using a hand operated sprayer and chemical purchased in dilute form from garden centres or hardware shops can be expensive, inefficient and dangerous if the herbicide is handled, stored, applied or disposed of incorrectly.

It is important to fully consider the health and safety of the person applying the chemical, those in the surrounding area, wildlife, aquatic life and weather conditions. Legislation and qualifications are in place for safety purposes.

Further advice is available by contacting us.

Keeping a healthy grass sward is the best and most cost effective way to supress your weed burden.

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