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Moss can be a big problem in both lawns and grazing fields. The cause of moss is more often than not down to an underlying water problem. This can come about for a number of reasons. On newer lawns poor site preparation is usually to blame. On older lawns and field situations, acidic soil conditions, poor nutrition, insufficient aeration, poor drainage, shade, close mowing and overuse are all likely to contribute to moss build up.

If you have a moss problem the first thought should be how to get rid of it and then how it can be kept at bay for as long as possible afterwards.

We offer two types of chemical control which are suitable for different situations. Ferrous sulphate in liquid form is ideal for large areas as it is the most cost effective. For smaller areas such as domestic lawns we recommend lawn sand which acts as both a stimulant and a moss killer. Both products can be applied from the spring through to autumn when the grass is actively growing and the risk of ground frost has diminished.

The next step is scarifying the dead moss and thatch out. For this we have two machines which can be used. The first is 1.1m wide and tractor powered. It is suitable forĀ  large and small areas alike and requires only 1.2m of access width. The second is a pedestrian petrol machine which is perfect for corners and sloping areas where the tractor cannot access.

Disposing of moss must be considered. Where possible we suggest tipping and composting it onsite, as close to the lawn in question as possible. If this is not feasible we are able to tip into large skips for collection, but obviously this will require some additional cost.

After treatment it is important to manage the moss problem by encouraging rapid growth of grass species. This can be done by fertilising and overseeding together with other actions including aerating to improve water filtration and mowing slightly higher if previously too close.

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