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Spring Grass Management Starts Now

16th August 2017

Spring is here at last, the hours of daylight have increased, spring flowers are in bloom and the grass is starting to green up. Now is the time to repair the winter damage and give your grass the best possible start for the grazing season ahead.

Harrowing is one of the first jobs to be done this spring to remove the dead grass killed off by the winter weather. Roll pasture to repair the uneven ground left from grazing animals over winter. This will ensure the soil firms up and maximises the root contact with available nutrients.

Grass needs to be supplied with the correct balance of minerals and nutrients to provide a strong and healthy sward. Maintaining your paddocks is essential as grazed grass is the most cost effective and natural feed there is. When the ground conditions permit it will be the ideal time to apply your fertiliser and aid recovery of overgrazed and poached pastures.

Other Services Being Offered

Business and large scale domestic grass cutting including roadsides and driveways.

Laminitis Risk

Be aware of the spring grass shooting away and the increased risk of laminitis in horses and ponies. Spring is the main danger period when new grass contains very high concentrations of carbohydrate. All the experts agree that soluble carbohydrate such as starch or fructan is the main culprit and that it is the total weight of carbohydrate which a horse or pony eats which puts it at risk of laminitis. However, carbohydrate can also be derived from cereal-based compound feed so owners need to be doubly aware. Click on the link www.laminitis.org to view the Laminitis Trust website where you can find more information on laminitis, as well as details of how to support the Trust.

Grassland Muck Event

Book your tickets now for the Grassland and Muck event 18-19 May 2011 at Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire. www.grasslandevent.co.uk With more than 200 leading suppliers, the latest forage mixes and seeding advice, dedicated muck and slurry demonstration area and a topical forum programme it is sure to be worth a trip out for the dedicated grassland enthusiast!

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