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A major part of Shire Country Services LLP is The Log Company. We provide high quality seasoned and kiln dried wood fuel and firewood related products to homes and businesses across the region. Using our modern facilities and machinery, TheLogCompany.com has grown to be an...

This years’ enormous yield of acorns is causing problems within the horse community. Owners are being asked to be extra vigilant this year as particularly the strong crop of fruit has resulted in an abundance of acorns falling in the recent late autumnal. If large...

Ragwort In Full Bloom

16th August 2017

Whilst driving around the region it is quite apparent that ragwort is having a field day this summer. There are few places which seem to be free of the tall, yellow flowering, poisonous plant. Whether in horse paddocks, hay meadows, the central reservation of a...

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16th August 2017

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Spring is here at last, the hours of daylight have increased, spring flowers are in bloom and the grass is starting to green up. Now is the time to repair the winter damage and give your grass the best possible start for the grazing season...

Ragwort Alert

16th August 2017

Take the time to walk around your fields and search out any ragwort rosettes. Identifying these plants during the early stages of growth allows effective and easy removal at the earliest opportunity whilst the ground has a bit of give in it from the recent...

Shire Country Services are pleased to offer Suregrow fertiliser to our clients. Suregrow is designed specifically for horse and pony paddocks and has a number of key benefits over and above other fertilisers. One of the more appealing and useful attributes is that it can...


"Shire Country Services have been very polite and efficient in everything they have done for us. We look forward to working with Ed and Mark next season. "

Catharine M

"We're so pleased to have found you. It's just the sort of service we've been trying to find for ages. "

Jane H