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The Benefits of Suregrow Fertiliser

by Mark Smith - 10th May 2012

Containing a slower release form of nitrogen proven in trials to produce more sustained, better quality grass growth over a long period, Suregrow also facilitates uptake of nutrients essential to the wellbeing of horses and ponies.

Produced in the UK, an application of Suregrow by Shire Country Services will stimulate the development of strong, healthy roots in grasses, resulting in a denser sward that helps to suppress weed growth and can aid recovery of over-grazed, poached or pastures stressed, perhaps for example, by drought.

Avoiding a rich flush of grass resulting in unwanted weight gain or even laminitis is essential in good land management and unlike agricultural fertilisers, Suregrow is easy to handle and spread, without the need to move horses and ponies off the fields during or after application. This makes it the ideal fertiliser to help keep grazing land in good condition during the summer as well as into the autumn and winter, especially for owners with limited acreage for grazing.

The Shire Country Services compact tractor and spreader are ideally suited to paddocks where access is tight and through using turf tyres we keep compaction and tyre marks to an absolute minimum.

With a 12m spreading width we are also capable of spreading in larger fields. For farms and estates with more than 25 acres to cover we use a GPS guided JCB Fastrac, bulk bag Suregrow and much larger 24m spreader.

For spring and summer growth an application of 80 – 100kg per acre is recommended. If you are planning to graze over the winter, a smaller application of 60kg per acre will keep poaching to a minimum through helping to maintain a dense sward and make the most of early spring growth.

Suregrow can be applied right into mid-November, subject to ground and weather conditions.

For further information visit www.suregrowuk.com.

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