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Autumn and Winter Grazing Tips

by Mark Smith - 2nd September 2017

The change in weather recently has given us all a reminder that winter is just around the corner, but as I write this today the sun is shining and it is certainly warm enough for grass to continue to grow.

Here are some of our tips to help you get the most from your grazing for the months to come

  • If you are closing a field off for the winter then now is the time to get it prepared for spring. Harrowing and overseeding will prepare it for a good start next year
  • Topping will ensure a uniform height of grass and will help to prevent certain areas being overgrazed and other areas not being touched by the horses. If you have any dead stalky weeds these will also be cut down and spread by the topper
  • Whilst the ground is dry enough, fields can benefit from being harrowed to pull out any dead grass or thatch and creating space for new growth to occur
  • Fields can benefit from an autumn application of Suregrow fertiliser. This will ensure a thicker sward over the winter months resulting in less damage from poaching and more grass for grazing. Fertiliser can be spread whilst the soil is still warm and grass still growing. The Autumn-Winter rate of application is reduced to 60kg per acre
  • Acorns are falling. These contain toxic tannins, so either fence the area off around the oak trees or regularly rake up the fallen acorns
  • Check fencing and gates. Make any necessary repairs, as horses seem to always think that the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ especially in winter

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