Equestrian, Agricultural & Amenity Contractors

Paddock Maintenance Specialists


Does the tractor damage the grass?

Any tractor can damage the grass; however our tractor is lightweight and has turf tyres to reduce any damage.

How do you charge?

To keep charges simple we charge by the hour.

Will the tractor scare horses?

Horses will react to new sounds in their environment, but after a short period they will calm down. We are respectful of horses and will work with the horses welfare in mind at all times.

Can you provide other services not listed?

Yes! Give us a call and we’ll be able to help you out or point you in the right direction.

Are tight gateways a problem?

Tight gateways are no problem at all. Our machinery to especially made to fit into some of the smallest gateways. Having small machinery also allows us to work right up to the fence or boundary of the field.

Can you come at an agreed time?

Yes we can. We provide services to amenity and equestrian market and are able to book you in for the work to be carried out. There will be times when we a delayed, however should this happen we will always ring ahead to ensure your aware of this.

Can you source hay and straw?

At the moment we don’t have our own supply; however we will do our best to source some for you.

Will you be too busy to come?

Our main business to serve the amenity sector. So we are not tied up doing agricultural contracting. So we can provide the best service at the right time.