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Please note, due to a change of business direction we are no longer offering small scale grassland services. We have retained our 3m grassland rejuvenator and continue to offer this service. Thank you to all our clients for their custom over the last 10 years.


Re-seeding and over-seeding can be performed when grass is growing and the soil is warm enough to allow the seed to germinate. Depending on weather conditions this is typically from late March through to mid October but taking care to avoid drought periods which typically occur during the peak summer months.

There are always areas of well used ground that require re-seeding. This often includes gateways, around feeding areas, shelters or any patches of poached ground damaged by the constant trampling of horses, livestock or machinery in wet conditions.

For seed supply, please see our list of available mixes Grass Seed 2020 Pricelist Discounts are available for larger orders.

Large Areas – 3m Alstrong Auctus T

New for the 2019 season is our impressive Alstrong Auctus T grassland rejuvenator and re-seeding machine.

Rejuvenate and condition your grass with Shire Country Services and our Alstrong Auctus T. Its unique design allows 5 operations to be completed in 1 pass making it impressively efficient as well as effective. A dry weight of 4.5 tonnes and a ballasted weight of 5.3 tonnes ensures it has the strength to break even the driest and toughest ground.

1. Levelling & Scarifying – The fully adjustable, individually sprung levelling boards scarify and scratch the surface removing dead material while exposing soil patches for re-seeding.
2. Flat Rolling – The drum repairs poached soil and surface damage.
3. Aerating – The blades fitted to the drum aerate the root zone allowing air and water to penetrate faster encouraging growth.
4. Seeding – Air-seeder applies grass/clover/wild flower seed in an accurate and even fashion. Speed is measured using a GPS receiver and rates are adjusted accordingly throughout.
5. Harrowing – Two rows of grass harrow tines aid soil to seed contact while stimulating and further conditioning the grass.
6. Rolling – The prismatic ring roller ensures good seed-soil contact and leaves the perfect finish.

Ideal for larger equestrian establishment, grassland farms, conservation sites and repair of event damaged ground whether from vehicle ruts, compaction or simply heavy foot traffic. Establishment of stubble turnips, game cover and single pass seeding into cultivated land also available.

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