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It is advisable to collect horse droppings from fields on a regular basis as an increase in muck levels can lead to increased parasite infestation and selective grazing. This for most people is either a continuous labour of love, or if left to build up a seemingly never ending mountain to climb! Neither are favourable ways to spend your day. We offer an efficient and effective service to collect and remove your muck from your pasture.

Our powerful custom built vacuum has a suction head designed specifically for collecting horse manure. The fan is powered by the tractor with enough power and suction to lift a concrete block if required. Using a vacuum rather than a mechanical brush is much kinder to the soil and better at reducing the risk of equine grass sickness and assisting an effective worm control programme.

Once the trailer is full we ideally tip onto an existing muck heap or if required we can quote for complete removal from site.

We are happy to provide occasional or regular clearance visits and would be able to offer our most competitive pricing to clients who require a set number of visits per year.

Nicola Wilson was impressed after her paddocks we vacuumed for the first time.

nicola wilson @NWEventing
Just left for badminton horse trials, driving past my lovely tidy paddocks.
Thank you @ShireServices. Go Opposition Buzz!!

The vacuum and wander hose are also very effective at clearing leaves, cleaning artificial sports surfaces such as Astro Turf, cleaning bird rearing huts and cleaning event sites.

Muck Heap Removal

Please note this service is only available in selected areas of North Yorkshire due to the slow travel speeds of the machinery used. Please contact us for more information and a quotation

We offer a muck heap collection and removal service. Tipping your muck on a hard standing with a solid rear wall will allow us to scoop up the muck in an efficient manner with minimal disruption. Removal from site or tipping in your own or neighbouring fields are both possible. Many local farmers will accept the horse manure as a valuable source of nutrients, compost it and use it as a fertiliser. They may however not have the time, or equipment to be able to come in and move it themselves. This is where Shire Country Services can help. Manure is only able to be used in this way if it is not combined with any other forms of waste. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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"We are absolutely delighted with the paddocks. They look the best they have ever been. You have done a really good job, many thanks. "

Mrs Williams

"Thanks for your good work. We are very pleased with the results. "

Judy W