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We can provide a hedge cutting service to keep your field margins and hedgerows neat and tidy. Hedge cutting is usually carried out towards the end of the growing season, but if you have a specific event requiring your hedges to be trimmed and tidied sooner, then do get in touch and we can advise.

Our light weight machinery running on low ground pressure turf tyres leaves minimal impact on your grassland or garden. Our skilled and diligent operators will leave you with a tidy finish to be proud of.

For large domestic situations we can remove clippings from your property aswell as offering a high level manned access cradle with a hand operated petrol hedge trimmer. This can work out at better value than cherry picker operations and is capable of travelling in more challenging conditions.

If your hedges are carrying a number of years of untamed growth, we also work in partnership with other contractors across the North and can arrange a visit from a larger tractor mounted machine.

Contact us to discuss your needs or for to arrange an on site visit.

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