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There are always areas of well used ground that require re-seeding. This often includes gateways, around feeding areas, shelters or any patches of poached ground damaged by the constant trampling of horses, livestock or machinery in wet conditions.

For these areas we recommend repairing them in Spring and as soon as conditions allow.

Our specialist harrowing, seeding and rolling machinery combination is 1.8m wide and incorporates a front mounted Einbock grass harrow with a modern pneumatic variable rate seeding unit, followed by a water ballast roller or ‘Cambridge’ roller behind the tractor to consolidate seed and soil. This can operate as a basic harrow and roller as well as applying seed when required.

We run two of these machines which operate in Spring from mid-March through to the end of May, with another busy season in the Autumn from September through to mid-October.

We calibrate the seeder and adjust the seed rate depending on the situation. The machine also varies the seed rate to accommodate for the speed travelled using wheel mounted sensors and an in cab control box. For positive germination this is then followed by a pass with a Cambridge or flat roller.

For bare ground which has yet to be sown we can offer an over-seeding service in conjunction with creating a suitable seedbed. A variety of specialist grass and wild flower seeds are available at competitive rates. The type of seed mix should be tailored to the intended use. In conjunction with our agronomist and seed suppliers, advice is available to help you make the right choice.

Re-seeding and over-seeding can be performed when grass is growing and the soil is warm enough to allow the seed to germinate. Depending on weather conditions this is typically from late March through to mid October but taking care to avoid drought periods which typically occur during the peak summer months.

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