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Our most recent addition to the fleet is a versatile flail mower, collector and scarifier. If you have grass, weeds or generally overgrown areas which requiring tidying up and returning to a smart and managed finish then this is just the machine for the job.

With the ability to cut or scarify or cut and scarify, the most overgrown and unsightly areas can be cut back to a smart, almost lawn-like condition, allowing for a fresh start with the removal of all previous growth. The clippings and debris can then be tipped into a trailer to be removed from site, over a fence or into a heap to compost down. The rollers control cut height and scarification depth as well as leaving a stripped and level finish.

For a continually improving effect we can come back and undertake multiple passes over the period of a few weeks to transform a rough field into a smart stripey lawn, perfect for events, parties and carparks.

The flail rotor is very effective at creating suction to pick up leaves, muck and other debris encountered. To see the machine in action click on our video and to discuss your requirements just call Mark or Ed.

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