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If properly installed and well maintained, many arenas will last for a long time with few issues. However, some through heavy use or a prolonged period of inactivity may need renovating or topping up.

Some indicators that your arena is in need of attention are:

  • The surface has become very deep or too shallow – ideally it wants to be 4 inches
  • There is water standing on it and after rain it takes a long time to drain
  • Your horse starts to slip, trip or lose his/her footing
  • Stones are coming up through the membrane

We are able to rotovate your existing surface to break it up and level it out. It is then harrowed to form a level base layer. If it is necessary to add new sand we spread it evenly and roll before adding the top surface of your choice. This is then spread out, thoroughly watered, rolled and finally rotovated. We take care to ensure that the track and corners are all of the same depth.

Where more drainage work is required we are able to remove the surface, fix the drainage using high quality stone, reapply a membrane, secure and redistribute the surface.

Kick boards, entrance gates and perimeter fencing installations and repairs are also available.

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"The fencing work done was to a very high standard, and we are more than pleased with the end result. "

Margaret C

"We are absolutely delighted with the paddocks. They look the best they have ever been. You have done a really good job, many thanks. "

Mrs Williams